The Top Five Skincare Problems Solved

What is the best way to protect my skin from sun damage?  How can I prevent wrinkles? These are just a few of the questions consumers have regarding taking care of their skin, the largest organ of the body. At Timeless Organics Skincare, our goal is to continually research common skincare problems and offer our customers answers they can rely on.  Let’s examine the most frequently asked skincare questions.

What Is The Best Way To Protect My Skin From Sun Damage?

1 in 5 people in this country will develop skin cancer.  Daily use of sunscreen reduces the risk, specifically of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.  Look for a product that covers both UVA and UVB rays.  Use a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF30.  Zinc or Titanium Oxide are physical blockers that protect immediately and are recommended over chemical blockers, especially for sensitive skin types. The less chemicals applied to the skin, the better for health.  Apply every two hours to exposed skin.  A nickel size amount is enough for the face and a shot glass amount for the rest of the exposed skin.

Check out this website and learn more about skin cancer prevention.

 What Causes Acne and How Can I Treat It?

 There is no exact cause for acne at this point, although there are many research studies to understand this skin malady, and clinical trials available for those to try the latest research has to offer.  What is known is acne can be affected by stress, hormones and genetics.  There is also some connection to diet in some people.

Acne washes and topical lotions can improve acne; however, be careful not to wash with abrasive exfoliators as they can make acne worse.  Avoid excessive washing and choose products formulated to treat acne and improve lesions. Stress can create inflammation that worsens acne, so learning stress reduction techniques may help.  Severe or cystic acne may require antibiotics as the first line of treatment. 

Although science has not yet found a cure for acne, careful treatment can minimize this condition. Gently clean skin twice per day, avoid abrasive products, keep hands away from face to avoid transferring oil to the face, choose oil free products, avoid squeezing pimples that might lead to scarring, avoid over using products which might further aggravate acne and be patient.

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How Do I Prevent Wrinkles and Aging Skin?

Intrinsic aging occurs from within and is determined by genetics and is out of our control. There are some extrinsic factors that contribute to aging skin that we can control. We can take preventive action against environment and lifestyle choices to improve the appearance of aging skin.  When choosing anti-aging products avoid products that cause burning or stinging as this irritates the skin and makes it appear older.  One key point is to give the products a chance to work.  It takes time to see results. 

The following tips may help prevent wrinkles: wear sunscreen every day, avoid tanning inside and outside, quit smoking, get enough sleep, eat more fruits and vegetables to avoid damage that leads to premature aging, avoid repetitive facial expressions such as squinting, exercise on most days, avoid alcohol as it dehydrates skin and over time can damage it, cleanse skin and moisturize twice daily.  The key is it is never too late to slow down the skin’s aging process.  Prevention is easier than cure.

Click this link for more information on skin anti-aging strategies

How Do I Determine My Skin Type?

With the abundance of skincare products on the market, how do you choose the correct product for your skin type?  The first step is determining what type of skin you have; dry, oily, normal or combination skin.  There is a simple way to accomplish this.  Begin by gently washing your face with a cleanser meant for normal skin. Dry your skin and after a half hour check your face in the mirror.  If it looks flaky and tight, it is dry.  If it is shiny, it is oily.  If it feels fine and smooth, it is normal.  If it is dry in some areas and oily in the T-zone for example, this is combination skin.  Choose products designed for your skin type and follow the recommendations for the types of products best for you.

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How Does Nutrition Affect Skin Health?

A higher intake of fruits and vegetables, Vitamins A, C and E, Omega-3 fatty acids, linoleic acid, antioxidant rich foods such as, dark chocolate and green tea, nuts and seeds and whole grains not only supplies the body with nutrients to support health but nourishes the skin with anti-aging benefits.  So, in addition to nourishing your skin on the outside with healthy, organic products, you must nourish your skin on the inside with healthy organic nutrients.  For more information on how to nourish your skin via diet click here

Skin is a protective barrier that needs care at all ages and stages of life.  Understanding what poses a problem and knowing how to solve it is key in keeping skin healthy.  To learn more about products for all skincare needs visit:









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