What are the latest trends in skin care? 

This month’s SKIN SCOOP will answer this question with the industry’s latest skin care innovations. 

Personalized Skin Care

One of the newest trends is totally personalized skin care.  Many brands have the same goals of providing skin care to accommodate each individual’s needs and concerns.  This is accomplished via a series of questions regarding:

  1. Skin needs and concerns
  2. Skin type
  3. Age
  4. Daily skin care routine
  5. Workout regimen
  6. Environment (weather and pollution)

Answers are evaluated using an algorithm to configure the best regimen for each individual with a recommendation of specific products.

CBD Skin Care

The skin care industry will join the CBD (cannabidiol) band wagon in 2019 offering products with CBD oil.  One brand, Jose Moran, already has a product with a 2 - ingredient oil called Skin Dope CBD Oil.

As limited research supports the fact that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and fat - soluble vitamins such as, Vitamins A, D and E, it may help with inflammatory issues associated with acne and aging, in addition to moisturizing the skin.

Micro Needle Patches

These patches are used for one acne spot or an area of acne (such as the jawline). These band-aid like stickers have microneedles and hyaluronic acid that prick the skin while driving ingredients into the skin.  An added benefit, they are less drying than some acne treatments.

Polyhodroxy Acids

Previously, AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid), a chemical exfoliator was all the rage, and currently there is a new chemical exfoliator known as PHA (polyhydroxy acid) that is gentler for more sensitive skin, and acts as a humectant pulling moisture into the skin while it exfoliates.  Some masks include avocado, honey, PHA and clay to deliver these results. AHA’s are harsher, but penetrate deeper and faster, while PHA’s penetrate the skin at a slower rate, but are less abrasive, and as such work well as a mask while you sleep.

Skin care is a topic that is continually researched delivering the latest information to consumers.  SKIN SCOOP is a Timeless Organics monthly blog designed to share this innovative information with customers.  For all of your skin care needs visit Timeless Organics Skin care.

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