Instant Face Lift Massage: The Remedy for Sagging Skin

Does Massaging Facial Skin Reduce Wrinkles?

This age - old question has been asked since the 1960’s when actresses were hoping for a way to prevent wrinkles.  Studies have shown some positive results and some doctors believe that massaging the skin actually stretches the skin causing wrinkles to get worse and suggest Botox to shrink facial muscles rather than stretching and smoothing with massage.  

So, what are we to believe?  The answer is it depends as each person is individual with different needs.  It is best to do what feels right for you.  If you are concerned that facial massage stretches the skin and exacerbates wrinkles, apply a lighter pressure to help relax skin without tugging on it.  If Botox is something your doctor recommends, that is a decision that you will have to make to determine if you want to inject Botox into your skin. 

As with most beauty treatments, there are so many options, and some say they are good for you and others disagree.  The best advice is to be an educated consumer.  Do your research and consult your physician to determine the best option for you.  Let us assume that you are choosing the more natural route of facial massage that is less invasive than Botox injections.  If this is more comfortable for you, follow the suggestions below to give yourself an instant face lift.

What is the Best Way to Massage the Face?

Begin by washing your face with a cleanser and warm water.  Dry face thoroughly and apply a plant - based oil.   This radiance, replenishing oil will penetrate the skin as you massage, creating a smooth base to perform facial massage without irritating skin. If you do not use an oil when you massage the skin, the friction will create irritation.  The oil not only prevents that friction but nourishes the skin as well.  Follow the below suggestions for facial massage:

  • With index fingers gently alternate brushing upward on forehead. This helps with the lines between the eyebrows and forehead. It relaxes tension in the muscles from facial expressions.
  • Place index fingers in between eyebrows and simultaneously move up and across forehead toward temples and repeat motion. This helps smooth out the horizontal lines across the forehead.
  • Place index fingers on temples and move in small, gentle circular motion forward and then reverse to circles going backward. This motion is relaxing and reduces stress and headaches.
  • Using the thumb and two fingers start at cheekbones near nose and gently pinch skin with 3 fingers as you move across the cheekbones toward the temples. This helps to deliver blood and oxygen to the skin’s surface and help detoxify the skin.
  • Using the base of thumbs begin at forehead and make circular motion around forehead and down sides of face massaging oil into skin. This helps boost collagen and elastin, the plumping agents of skin.
  • With all finger tips, tap across forehead and around face and neck.
  • Drain lymph by starting at sides of face and pressing downward along sides of neck using the heal of the hands. Also, use downward circular motion to drain lymph at side of face near jaw down to the neck and collar bone.
  • Using finger tips press all along the collar bone.
  • Place thumbs under chin and lift up and back from chin to ears and can also do the same move using knuckles.
  • Use fingers to make circular motion from chin upwards to cheeks.
  • Use finger tips to make small circles around the mouth.
  • Use fingers to push upwards near smile lines of the mouth up toward the bridge of the nose.
  • Use knuckles and move upward from smile lines to cheeks and hold pressure at cheeks before moving knuckles across cheekbones to ears.
  • Drain lymph under eyes by gently massaging under eyes towards ear and then move fingers around eye to eyebrows and apply pressure before circling back to under eyes and repeat.
  • For crow’s feet on sides of eyes, use 2 middle fingers and gently smooth skin in opposing directions while crisscrossing hands throughout the motion.
  • Using 2 middle fingers and zigzag up and down across forehead.
  • Using the heal of your hands massage from mouth out and up toward temples and then down the sides of the face to the neck and then around to the collarbone and repeat.
  • Place soft part of thumbs under the chin and hands around nose in a triangular shape and spread hands out towards hear, down side of face and neck and repeat.

Benefits of Face Massage

If you choose face massaging as an alternative to invasive face lifts, you will receive the following benefits:

  • It is free
  • Choose 3 to 20 minutes sessions once to twice per day depending on time constraints - if you have more time do 2 – 3 sets of all of the facial exercises
  • It stimulates blood flow
  • It stimulates lymph flow
  • It firms facial muscles
  • It increases glow
  • It relaxes the face as well as the whole body if you incorporate slow, deep breathing while performing the exercises
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Plumps skin by stimulating collagen and elastin
  • Reduces eye puffiness
  • Helps detoxify skin of impurities through increased circulation

So, does facial massage help reduce wrinkles and sagging skin?  Try it for yourself and consult a dermatologist to determine if this method is the best for you.  As there is no definitive research for or against this temporary treatment use caution and do further research and let your skin decide if it is helpful for you. Remember to use gentle motion and not tug on the sensitive facial skin.  For more information watch this video from a Japanese skin specialist for visual application of facial massage.


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