Cierra Mais - Timeless Organics Skin Care - Makeup Remover & Toner

I'm back again with two more products from Timeless Organics Skin Care!


If you want background information about this brand/company look at one of my previous blog posts or simply go to their website


Their products are honestly one of the best natural...VEGAN & GLUTEN-FREE products I have ever used. 


The two products I have today are the "Timeless Makeup Remover & Nourisher" and the "Timeless Toner for Troubled Skin".

First I used the Makeup Remover to take off my long day's wear of foundation, powder, bronzer, mascara and so forth.
I got a couple cotton pads out ready to go, shook the product and densed up a cotton pad and went in downward motions to remove my makeup. Took maybe 4 or 5 cotton pads total but if anything to save the product you could wash your face like normal then use the makeup remover to get the excess product off your face.
Most makeup removers that I have used in the past (and also not all natural ingredients) wouldn't get all the way down into my skin, it would only clean the surface so when I used this I was literally shocked that man-made chemicals in the other products I've used couldn't get the job done but this ALL natural one can!
To get this makeup-remover, here's a link: Timeless Organics Skin Care Makeup Remover
Next we have the "Timeless Toner for Troubled Skin". Okay, I don't technically have "troubled" skin so when emailing the company I mentioned that but it actually can help prevent troubled skin! So I was like sign me up, no one wants acne or spots right?!


For this product you shake it up as well to get all the ingredients flowing around, then there's two ways you can apply this product. You can either use a cotton pad again and dense up the pad and put it in your T-Zone (which is what I did). Or you can spray some in your hands then dab your hands on your face to get the product in. If you don't use a cotton pad and you decide to use your hands, *MAKE SURE YOUR HANDS ARE VERY CLEAN*! Also make sure you're not applying this product onto a dirty face, clean and wash your face before applying the product to achieve the best results.


I did have a spot on my chin and a few by my hair-line and the next morning they were smaller than ever, so this product is definitely helping to prevent but also minimize your spots faster.


To get this product, here's a link: Timeless Organics Skincare Toner for Troubled Skin

hope you all enjoyed this skin care post, I definitely did!


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