Do Essential Oils Really Help Keep Skin Healthy?

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the body?  As such, this amazing and complex organ deserves attention and care.  As we age, so does our skin with a decrease in collagen, causing our skin to be less firm. In addition, there is an increase in pores, hair follicles, freckles, liver spots, oil glands, and light and heat sensitivity.  As bleak as this sounds, fortunately one of the best tools for reducing the signs of aging and promoting healthy skin is essential oils. 

The therapeutic benefits of essential oils from plants has been documented for hundreds of years.  Essential oils have antioxidant, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. The skin acts as a protective barrier and these essential oils containing vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants strengthen this barrier to prevent free radical damage, repair skin, retrain it to balance itself if stripped from harsh cleansers, and increase elasticity. In addition, these oils have antiaging properties as well. Studies in postmenopausal women using topical Argan oil had greatly improved skin elasticity after 60 days of use.

Older persons are also more prone to dry skin due to a lack of natural oils. Essential oils can help replenish and nourish dry skin. They help the body make more skin oil and calm inflamed skin. Don’t wait until you are older, take care of your skin with essential oils as a preventive measure while you are young!

Essential oils not only benefit the aging, they help young skin as well. Tea Tree oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities which are great for acne-prone skin.  There are hundreds of oils and knowing the right oil to use in skincare products is the challenge, so understanding the properties of the various oils helps determine which oils will benefit specific skin types. For example, Sunflower oil has been used in skin preparations for its rich antioxidant properties, which decrease free radical damage from UV radiation.

The key is to use them safely by properly diluting them in a carrier oil.  The typical dilution is 2% essential oil. The dilution % is dependent on age, pregnancy and health status.  If you are over 65, or if you are pregnant the dilution is recommended at 1%. The team at Timeless Organics Skincare provide essential oils of the purest form in the proper formulation in their product line.   As a side note, if you have medical conditions discuss using essential oils with your physician.

With the multitude of skincare products on the market, how do you choose?  To simplify this process, check out Timeless Organics Skincare Replenishing Radiance Oil for a full description of the essential oils included in this product that not only strengthens your skin’s protective barrier but smooths visible lines and locks in moisture leaving your skin rejuvenated and radiant.  With a full explanation of the essential oils used in this product, it is easy to understand how it will benefit your skin.  It can be used alone as a serum or combined with your favorite lotion.  A few drops are all you need for radiant skin.  Consider mixing two to three drops to the Night Time Wrinkle Serum, CoQ 10 Age Defying lotion or Timeless Glow Moisturizing Serum increase the already powerful benefits of these lotions and serums.

To answer the questions posed in this article, yes essential oils really do keep skin healthy!  Take care of your skin and love the skin you are in!


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