More Fun Facts About Scrubs & Exfoliation!


Summer is here and the time is right for showing more skin!  Body and facial scrubs are a great way to ensure skin looking its best during these hot summer months.

Last week the blog focused on information about the types of scrubs and exfoliators and their benefits, in addition to how to apply them to the skin.  As a continuation of last week’s blog on scrubs and exfoliation here are some fun facts to note:

  1. Most of the dust (90%) in the home is dead skin cells since your whole body is covered with dead skin cells and sloughs off these cells regularly.
  2. Exfoliating with scrubs helps this process of removing dead skin cells and skin renewal.
  3. If skin cells are not removed properly, it makes it very difficult for lotion and creams to penetrate the dead layer of skin cells and this will leave skin dry.
  4. Using natural scrubs without chemicals is the healthiest alternative for your skin.
  5. Salt scrubs from the dead sea contain minerals that further help skin.
  6. Many natural scrubs have anti-bacterial properties that may help with acne.
  7. Scrubs containing coffee grounds not only exfoliate but the caffeine helps reduce puffiness and inflammation.
  8. Using a facial brush along with your scrub may enhance the many benefits of exfoliating.If using a facial brush be careful to clean it regularly as it may harbor bacteria that may cause other skin issues.
  9. Over exfoliating may cause irritation so not only is the type of scrub important but also how it is applied. For more information on types of exfoliators and how to apply them  Click Here.
  10. Exfoliating more than 2-3 times per week is not only irritating but may strip skin of natural oils that may lead to breakouts.
  11. If you continue over exfoliating, over time this may thin the skin leading to wrinkles. Chronic irritation and inflammation to the skin accelerates the aging process.
  • Skin sheds cells naturally and if we overdo it with scrubs/exfoliators it may actually slow down the natural process of cell turnover.
  • An exfoliant with calming ingredients is beneficial to reduce irritation and inflammation.
  • After exfoliating the skin is ready to absorb products and a replenishing oil has all of the ingredients that are beneficial to skin.

As with any skin care product or regimen, it is very individual and being an educated consumer is your best bet when it comes to taking care of the skin. If after researching you are still in doubt, visit a skincare specialist who might direct you as to the best products and regimen for you.  It is important to not only take care of this vital organ of the body but to love the skin you are in!



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