TIMELESS ORGANICS MARCH FEATURED PRODUCT Timeless Deep Hydration + Antioxidant Cream Masque

What do you do when your daily skincare regimen needs a boost?  The answer is simple; use a face mask. 


Masks 101

The combination of alcohol, sugar, lack of sleep and stress may dehydrate skin and interfere with cell turn over and repair.  This may damage the protein fibers that keep the skin firm. Fortunately, masks can jump start skin repair from environmental stress and lifestyle habits. 

Masks help to deep cleanse, even out skin tone, shrink pores, hydrate, draw out impurities and relax and de-stress skin.  Using a mask, a couple of times per week will help deep cleanse without stripping skin of its natural protective barrier.  In addition to the many skincare benefits, using a mask allows you to spend time taking care of yourself creating a sense of mental well-being and relaxation.

There are many face masks to choose from including clay, mud, peel – off, sheet and cream masks.  Regardless of the type you choose, masks offer instant results leaving skin feeling smooth and renewed with a timeless glow and younger appearance.

In general, a cream mask is gentle and removes dead cells in addition to toning and lifting skin. It typically contains ingredients to provide hydration, restoring the natural skin radiance, leaving skin soft, smooth and renewed.

Featured Mask

The mask featured in this blog is Timeless Organics Deep Hydration + Antioxidant Cream Masque.  This versatile mask is rich and creamy and is designed to deeply hydrate, balance, tone and heal all skin types.  What makes this intensely hydrating is Hyaluronic Acid along with organic oils. The hyaluronic acid attracts and binds moisture to plump up flat skin cells while the oils hydrate skin. The Timeless Antioxidant blend consists of Organic Rooibos, Organic White Tea Leaf Extract, Organic Green Tea Leaf Extract and Organic Calendula Flower Extract. This formulation nourishes skin and fights free radicals to maintain healthy, youthful skin.

How to Apply?

One of the beautiful attributes of the Timeless Organics Deep Hydration + Antioxidant Cream Masque is its ease of application.  No mixing is needed!  Simply cleanse skin, use a brush or fingers to cover face and neck avoiding the eyes and mouth, and let dry for 10-15 minutes.  Wash with warm water followed by cold water to seal pores.  As part of my weekly skincare routine, for added hydration and nutrients instead of rinsing after 10-15 minutes, I wipe the excess with a cloth and leave the remainder on my skin overnight and rinse in the morning with my favorite Timeless Cleanser.

 However you choose to apply this simple and powerful mask, be sure to use once to twice a week for added benefit.  As this is Timeless Organics Skincare’s featured product this month, click here for a special discount and enjoy!



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